What is the FAR?

Attempting to do business with the federal government can feel like trying to learn a new language as there seems to be an acronym for EVERYTHING. One question I get a lot from clients that are brand new to the federal government contracting space is: “What is the FAR?”

FAR stands for Federal Acquisition Regulation and is the body of regulations governing the federal acquisition process. Obviously, government agencies seeking to procure goods or services and companies seeking to provide those goods or services must abide by the rules of the FAR.

The FAR is long, boring, and cumbersome but there is no way around it. You can access the FAR here and check out subchapter D, part 19 for information on small business programs.

I know this was a quick post, but it’s a pretty straight-forward question that I get asked all of the time, so I figured I would give a straight-forward answer.


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