Reactions to “Give Entrepreneurs Room and They Will Grow the Economy” by Steve Case

Steve Case, the chairman of the Startup America Partnership, just posted an opinion piece for the Washington Post titled: Give Entrepreneurs Room and They Will Grow the Economy. In it he discusses potential ways that the government can help encourage entrepreneurship, thereby creating jobs and helping to heal our economy.

Some of the suggestions he discusses include the Startup Act*, the AGREE Act*, crowdfunding allowances, tax rate deductions for investors, adjustments to SOX regulations, and immigration reform.

What do you think of these suggestions? What would you do to help entrepreneurs?

Mr. Case states: “The story of America has always been the story of entrepreneurship — pioneering men and women taking great risks to realize a dream.” Do you think this is still true? Do you think entrepreneurs will be the ones to save our economy? If so, will it be because of or in spite of our government’s leaders?

I want to hear your thoughts!


*The links to information are those given in Steve Case’s article and are not necessarily objective.


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