Staples Small Business Advertising Contest

Staples is running a contest and will award the winning small business with a free TV commercial!

Check out Staples’ Facebook page to learn more and to enter.

But before you do, make sure to evaluate your business’ readiness for the added activity that would come with winning….or even just entering and having your video available for public viewing. Do you have the capacity to handle a drastic jump in customers and orders? You’ll need to make sure staff, supplies, inventory, etc. are prepared to handle the increased traffic that a major uptick in advertising like this will generate.

You certainly don’t want things to fall apart at your business just as all eyes are on you. Making a bad impression on a bunch of new customers would do more harm to your business than not having engaged with those customers at all, so be honest with yourself about what your business can handle.

If you’re ready for the added activity and attention, then head over to Staples’ Facebook page and enter your video! Good luck!!


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