Weekly Roundup: Mar. 4 – Mar. 12, 2012

Here’s your weekly roundup of the stories in entrepreneurship that I tweeted since last time:

Happiness Makes Your Brain Work Better by Jessica Stillman for Inc.com

Six Small Business Proposals from Washington You Need to Watch by Catherine Clifford for Entrepreneur.com

5 Questions Every Customer Asks by Geoffrey James for Inc.com

Glossary of Federal Government Contracting Acronyms by Cate Costa for New Venture Mentor

35 Ways to Make Your Business Look Bigger by Scott Steinberg for Inc.com (there aren’t really 35 listed but the ones that are are good)

Is Your Social Media Marketing a Turn Off? by Erik Sherman for Inc.com

Minority-Owned Small Contractors Invest More, Take Longer to Win by Olga Khazan for the Washington Post

The Congressional Crowd Grows for Crowdfunding by Kent Hoover for Portfolio.com

This RFP is Wired by Ian Altman for the Washington Business Journal

Top 6 Tips for Bootstrapping Your Business by Cate Costa for New Venture Mentor

3 Keys for Nurturing a Performance Driven Culture by Matthew Toren for YoungEntrepreneur.com

Leadership Caffeine: 8 Ideas for Navigating Your Leadership Mistakes by Art Petty for Art Petty Management Excellence Blog

House Overwhelmingly Passes JOBS Act by Kent Bernhard, Jr. for Portfolio.com

Top 5 Tips for Crowdfunding Success by Cate Costa for New Venture Mentor

11 Tips for Entrepreneurs on Dealing with the Press by Rocky Agrawal for VentureBeat


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