Sign the Petition Urging President Obama to Sign an Executive Order Requiring LGBT Protection at Government Contractors

One of my special focus areas on this blog and on Twitter is federal government contracting. Because the federal government is spending our tax dollars, federal government contractors are held to a higher standard than many businesses. They are required to follow specific regulations and guidelines related to accounting practices, pricing, quality of performance, and treatment of workers.

Unfortunately, one way in which they are not yet held to a higher standard is in their treatment of gay and lesbian employees. Please help change that by signing Tico Almeida’s petition encouraging President Obama to sign an Executive Order requiring all government contractors to protect gay and lesbian workers from harassment and discrimination.

I do not want my tax dollars spent to enrich the executives of companies who refuse to hire, allow harassment of and discrimination against, or fire workers based on their sexual orientation. If you believe in equal rights, please sign the petition. Thank you.


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