How to Improve Employee Health and Wellness with One Simple Change to the Office Decor

These days most employers recognize the importance of having a happy and healthy staff. Your staff’s health and happiness directly impacts your bottom line by lowering absenteeism due to illness and by improving productivity. It also indirectly impacts your bottom line because happy and healthy employees give better customer service and put more effort into their work.

Plus, the benefits of happy and healthy employees are even more apparent in a small company. When you have a small team, you’re going to feel it if someone is out sick a lot more than if you’re at a large company with hundreds of other people around to pick up the slack. That means that your employees’ health and happiness is key to the success of your small business.

Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult  to change your employees’ behavior and get them to be healthier when you don’t have a lot of money. If you’re Google, you can provide every employee with a healthy lunch every day to encourage them to eat well instead of heading to a fast food joint. Or you can give employees free health memberships and top of the line health insurance. However, if you’re a small business, you don’t have the kind of cash to implement such expensive programs.

However, there are still (relatively) inexpensive things you can do to improve your employees’ health and productivity and here is one example from one of my clients (this post is from the Security Business Archives blog):



As part of its commitment to developing a happy and healthy workforce, Security Business Archives increased employee health, wellness, morale, and productivity by adding a Walkstation to its offices in Richmond, VA. While the country is battling an obesity epidemic, a host of other lifestyle-induced health ills, and a struggling economy, Security Business Archives’ employees are improving their fitness and helping the business grow by getting up and moving.

Knowing that sitting behind a desk all day wasn’t good for his employees, Security Business Archives’ CEO, David Young, Sr., decided to add a Walkstation to the headquarters office so that his team had the opportunity to fit a little exercise into a hectic work day. The Walkstation combines a workstation with a low-speed treadmill so that employees are able to take a stroll while staying focused on their work projects and his employees have definitely taken advantage of the machine:

“I have lower back issues and sitting for hours at a time causes my back to get tight and ache,” says Customer Service, Bridget Terrell. “Being able to walk and accomplish my work is the greatest and I am so lucky to work for a company that is tuned in to [its] employees and cares about their health and well-being… I have actually lost close to five pounds being able to walk throughout the day!”

Additionally, the Walkstation provides benefits beyond just the clear health advantages, it’s actually improved the staff’s focus and productivity:

“For me…it gets the blood circulating early and when that happens you kind of get a natural boost!” says General Manager Mike Lindsey. “You get energy, not just physically but mentally as well.”

With the added energy and focus, the team is able to go the extra mile to ensure superior customer service and continue to distinguish Security Business Archives as a leader in records management. Says Astrid Young, APAR, “It is a marvelous thing!”


I definitely want one of these for my office!

What are your tips for improving the health and wellness of your employees?


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