How to Tell If You Should Step Aside and Hire a Professional Manager for Your Small Business

Imagine that a family member came down with an illness and needed you to care for them so you had to step aside as the primary manager of your company. You’re going to hire a manager to make sure that your company continues to thrive and is able to reach its full potential even though you’re not there every day. Make a list of the attributes that you’ll look for in the perfect candidate and it probably looks something like this:

  • Industry experience
  • Management expertise
  • A commitment to the values and mission of the company
  • A track record of growth at similar companies
  • The ability to motivate and energize employees
  • The ability to quickly assess a problem and find solutions, even in times of crisis
  • Comfort in assessing team members’ strengths and weaknesses and delegating tasks
  • The ability to identify problem employees and under-performers and fire people when necessary
  • A strategic mindset
  • Ability to develop and execute growth plans

Make whatever list make sense for your company writing down everything that a manager you would hire must have.

Now take that list and honestly evaluate whether or not you have all of the attributes that you require of a manager. If not, you need to consider hiring a professional manager to run your business or you risk your company’s future.

Founders tend to be very possessive of their companies: they put in the blood, sweat, and tears to turn the company from a dream into a reality. The company is their baby and they want to control every inch of it. However, the skills that make a great founder are not necessarily the same skills that make a great leader for a more established company. Often one person does not possess both sets of skills.

Be honest with yourself and if you’re truly a founder, not a manager, pass the torch at the appropriate time. Your company will be better off for it, and so will you. Now you’ll have time to turn that next big idea into a reality….



For more info on how to decide whether you step aside or not, check out this article by Carol Tice: Should You Be the Leader of Your Small Business?


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