Archive | August 2012

Speak Up!

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you all the latest project I’ve been working on: Only Honest. Only Honest is a platform for political discussion. It’s your public square where you can control the debate and make your opinions heard.

Our goal with Only Honest is to give control of the political debate back to the American citizens instead of leaving it in the hands of the politicians and pundits. It’s a venue for you to stand up and be heard and we want to make sure that Americans of all walks of life are represented – including entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

If you have an opinion about ANYTHING that you’d like to share with the American people and the politicians and pundits who are supposed to represent us, please visit to sign up for an account and stand up for what you believe in. Also, very soon we’ll be announcing how you can win prizes for sharing your opinions.

We’re incredibly excited to finally launch this forum and we look forward to seeing you there!