Entrepreneurship News: June 4, 2012


Weekly Roundup: Mar. 18th – Mar. 24th, 2012

Here’s the roundup of this week’s tweets 🙂

Small Business Panel Advances 6 Pro-Contractor Bill by Charles S. Clark for Government Executive

The 5 Qualities of Remarkable Bosses by Jeff Haden for

Crowdfunding Bill Jeopardized in Senate by Kent Hoover for

How to Prep Your SEO for Google’s New Algorithm by Michael del Castillo for

How to Make the Most of Interns by Cate Costa for New Venture Mentor

Women-Owned Biz Bill Slashes Dollar Limit on Contracts by Alysha Siderman for Washington Technology

Are Creative People More Dishonest by Caroline Winter for Bloomberg Businessweek

Top Tips for Effective Outsourcing by Cate Costa for New Venture Mentor

Senate Balks at Export-Import Bank Reauthorization by Kent Hoover for

Paypal Launches New Service for Small Businesses by Lisa Sibley for the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal

Youth in the Office: Are Your Parents Meddling in Your Career? by Jenna Goudreau for

What You Need to Know About Using Hashtags on Twitter by Jason Falls for

A Humor Consultant Spills How to Give Better Speeches by Cate Costa for New Venture Mentor



Weekly Roundup: Feb. 26th – Mar. 3, 2012

Here’s this week’s list of tweeted stories:

Seven Business Goals of Social Media and How to Get Started by Teri Evans from

Security in the Mobile Era by Peter Chen for Startup Nation

Raising Funding as a First Time Founder by Joel Gascoigne for Joel Gascoigne blog

Win a FREE TV Commercial to Promote Your Business from Staples

How to Setup Your Company Page on LinkedIn for LinkedIn Learning Center

The “Who Should Take a Home Office Tax Deduction” article that I tweeted has been removed from the Bloomberg Businessweek site. 

Three Secrets to Using Google Analytics for Measuring your Websites’s ROI by Aj Kumar for

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket by Cate Costa for New Venture Mentor

How to Write a Better Elevator Pitch by Geoffrey James for

The Future of Advertising – and Media – In One Graph by Ezra Klein for the Washington Post

Introducing Make Your Pitch by Carol Roth for the New York Times

How to Hire the Best Employees by Cate Costa for New Venture Mentor

How to Earn the Trust of Facebook Fans by Teri Evans for

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Business for

Weekly Roundup: Feb. 19th – Feb. 25th, 2012

Here’s your list of the things I tweeted this week. It was a slow week since I was on vacation.

Developing Effective Strategic Partnerships: 3 Tips for Success and 4 Issues to Avoid by Cate Costa for New Venture Mentor

Infographic: 10 Ways to Increase Sales in 2012 by Truaxis for Under30CEO

Tips for Using Twitter to Market Your Small Business by Cate Costa for New Venture Mentor

Latest Small Biz Bill Addresses Contract Bundling by Jill R. Aitoro for the Washington Business Journal

Do I Need a Lawyer with Small Business Experience? by James Omond for Startup Smart

Startup America Policy Challenge by Cate Costa for New Venture Mentor

Six Strategies for Partnering with Big Brands by Jane Porter for Entrepreneur Magazine

Weekly Roundup: Feb. 5 – Feb. 11, 2012

In case you missed it, here’s this week’s roundup of the articles that I linked to and tweeted this week:

3 Number All Entrepreneurs Should Know by Don Rainey for

Numbers You Need to Know as an Entrepreneur by Cate Costa for New Venture Mentor

How to Build a Fan-Worthy Facebook Page by Starr Hall for

6 Ways to Establish and Maintain a Healthy Credit Score for Your Startup or Small Business by Caron Beesley for SBA

Chris Brogan on Social Media Starter Tips to Grow Your Business by Teri Evans for

Hot or Not? What the Web Thinks of You byHollis Thomases for

Are You Running Your Business Like a Lemonade Stand? by Neil Thanedar for Under30CEO

How to Budget Your Startup Tech Needs by Jay Melone for Under30CEO

The 9 Most Common Startup Mistakes by Jeff Haden for

Funding Sources for Your Business by Cate Costa for New Venture Mentor

Don’t Be Fooled, Federal Government Contracting Work Isn’t Easy to Get by Cate Costa for New Venture Mentor